Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mysteries of Pokemon Daycare

purity: i solved a pokemon mystery
purity: but i'll never have time to tell the world
purity: i know how they get the pokemon in the day care to level up

Kyatt: uh oh
purity: that sweet old couple runs a sweatshop --the pokemon are making running shoes
Kyatt: hmm
Kyatt: that's probably why they level up the more you walk
purity: yeah, its why you have to walk the eggs
Kyatt: oh, you're gonna need some good hatching shoes too

some days later….

Kyatt: oh, i started sketching that thing you were talking about
Kyatt: http://img20.imageshack.us/img20/3368/picture1idn.png
Kyatt: i realized gold has some ridiculous shoes
Mars: thats who makes the characters ugly accessories huh
Kyatt: they give you eggs and tell you to wander around for them to hatch
Kyatt: which, i can assume, wears out shoes like whoa
Kyatt: so now they have shoes to sell made by pokemon they're getting paid to employ
Kyatt: it's the perfect racket
purity: thats how the pokemon's levels raise in daycare, mars
purity: they're being forced to make running shoes in the underground sweatshop
purity: its why you NEVER SEE YOURS in that happy fenced in play yard

manny: !!!
Mars: thats why half the moves they learn always seem to be sewing related
purity: hmmm

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I Always Get Robbed When It's All-You-Can-Eat

Ok, so everyone is recovering from yesterday's Regional and some of us are recovering from a long week at KDE, so no one was really up and going too early today.

Eventually everyone was awake (except Jerome who had apparently gone back to sleep) and consensus was reached "Let's go get some lunch." The only common ground we could find was "ramen sounds OK" - but Ajisen was way too far, SSG was too far, Mitsuwa was kind of far, Ryo wasn't open yet, and I'm not a huge fan of the other place in Rolling Hills that starts with an "s" (forgot the name).  

Remembering there was a place we hadn't tried; Frank, Jason and I headed to a different shopping complex. They didn't have shio or tonkotsu, though - just shoyu and miso.  Tonkotsu is everyone's #1 favorite (I like shio too) so it wasn't terribly appealing.

However, there was a yakinuku place a few doors down so we took a look at their menu, and decided to give it a try. (Hey, it passed the "do they have free refills on drinks?" test...)

I start flipping through the menu and figure I'm going to eat about $15 worth of food. However, there are some all-you-can-eat options as well - which made much more financial sense for my dining companions, because they can freaking eat a lot. Anyways, the restaurant won't let you order an "all you can eat" option unless EVERYONE at the table orders it, so I either had to go ahead and get an all you can eat that was SO not going to be worth it, because I don't eat very much, or oblige Frank and Jason to order a la carte and a) spend a lot more money, or b) not get enough to eat.

So I agreed to do the all-you-can-eat, because I'm a hero like that. And admittedly I got a lot more food options than I would have if I'd ordered individual items, but still.

The food was really really good - salad with a nice dressing, and I got sweet potato in foil (butter, salt, and pepper, mmm) and then the meats were short ribs (excellent), chicken breast, a finer cut of beef, and pork belly. All pretty good, and I think I ate 1-2 pieces of each kind and then I was full.

Then I sat and watched Frank and Jason demolish about five refills of meat, more rice, and more soda.  They certainly got their money's worth, I'll say that much...but the bill for me was pretty steep considering I didn't really eat all that much. Jason gave me $10 though because it was kind of an unfair setup, so that helped a bit.

Good restaurant, though, I'll recommend it - Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ on Crenshaw Blvd, in Torrance.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Home Prepares To Up Sticks

Yup, we're moving. Finally. I never thought this day would come...I thought I'd be doing a 2 hour commute for the rest of my life.

But I've got a really nice new place closer to my new job, it's got a LOT more space, and for the first time in my life I own a garage door opener (at least, I rent a garage door opener.) I am looking forward to using it tomorrow. I think I will stand out side the garage and press it over and over! Up down up down up down up down I think this might be a good way to meet my new neighbors.

At any rate, the movers are coming tomorrow and I will leave them in the capable hands of Franklin and Jason, since I have to go to work. 

I'm really looking forward to the new digs!  I understand there is already a growing waiting list of people who want to come and visit; since they hear there is a lot of card playing, and also the food is good.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Why You Want To Live Here

The food is really good.

We went to an asian market the other day, and I bought a wagyu steak, which is American "kobe-style" beef. It was surprisingly inexpensive* at $15 a pound.

Now, I could have eaten this tasty steak all by myself, but I am nice so I decided to prepare it to be shared by everyone in the house (myself, Jason, Franklin, and my mom who is here helping me pack.) 

So, I crushed some garlic and mixed that with a bit of olive oil and a little soy sauce, then sliced the steak into pieces and coated each slice with the marinade. Then I turned up the heat very high under a saute pan, and quick-seared each little piece.

I carried the plate around with forks for everyone to try it and they all agreed it was a damn good steak. I will definitely buy this kind of beef again sometime. 

Do you get random kobe-style beef steak snacks in your house? 

I didn't think so.

*for wagyu beef

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Star Wars Innuendo Fun In The Zeo Chat

kiz: Okay zeo
kiz: sum up your sex life in a star wars quote.

me: pardon?
manny: "I've got a baaaad feeling about this"
me: oh, i see
me: hehe

Kyatt: "what a piece of junk!"
Dane: and i thought they smelled bad on the outside
Kyatt: "NOOOOOOOOOOoooooo!!!!!"
Dane: or "great shot, kid. that was one in a million"
kiz: "i'll make it legal"
me: i can't think of one, to be honest
Kyatt: "mr. vader, how long are these star wars going to last?"
manny: "Not as clumsy or random as a blaster; an elegant weapon for a more civilized age."
kiz: oh oh
me: haha
kiz: good relations with the wookies, I have
Kyatt: haha
Kyatt: i forgot about that one
manny: Gold Five: It came from... behind!
kiz: myself, the boy, two droids and no questions asked
manny: I have to stop reading through these quotes
manny: my mind is too dirty

kiz: yeah...
kiz: your father wanted you to have this but your uncle wouldnt allow it
me: dear me
kiz: Yeah, but this time I've got the money.
kiz: was about to say Gold Five: It came from... behind! but manny had already done it :C
kiz: Red Six: I got a problem here.Biggs: Eject!Red Six: I can hold it.Biggs: Pull up!Red Six: No, I'm all right... ahhh!
kiz: ...I'm going to slp

manny: ...night.
manny: thank you for stopping.
mars: ...how could you guys not have thought of
mars: "you came in that thing? you're braver than i thought"
manny: haha
me: hahaha
me: all i can think of is "i happen to like nice men"

manny: see, I immediately discarded the "your sex life" part
manny: and went straight to the innuendo

Monday, March 9, 2009

Squid or ****? You Decide

Jason departs for the midnight showing of Watchmen...

Watchmen And Its Impact On The Home

Well, most members of the household were looking forward to this movie. Preparations began weeks in advance. 

jason: hmm, qq. IMAX Watchmen at the only nearby venue is sold out for the 12:01 showing. there's a 3:09 AM showing, but dammit, that's way too late.
me: do we have to see it opening day? why can't we go the next day
jason: yeah, we could
jason: Tickets are available then
jason: Granted, I couldn't wear the 30 inch plush squid on my head.
jason: Let me see what Kevin thinks.
me: i mean we didn't see dark knight - what?
jason: in protest of the removal of the giant squid from the movie,  I plan to wear one on my head (the book involved a giant squid causing harm to new york city)
jason: if anyone asks, I'm cosplaying as new york city.
me: you haven't got a squid
jason: I "haven't got a squid"? That's a daring assumption you're making there, sir. *mock offense*
me: i am not a sir
me: and i don't believe you have a squid.

I was incorrect. He did have a squid, and he tied it to his head and emerged from his room. 

Anyways, Jason and Frank decided to go to the midnight non-IMAX showing of the movie (squid tied firmly in place) and I chose to go the next night to see it in IMAX. When I got up the next morning, Jason had emailed me to tell me "I don't think the movie is appropriate for you" with a few explanations of the graphic nature of the violence and general tone of the movie. Frank seconded the opinion, and honestly that was good enough for me. I will see R rated movies, but I am a bit sensitive to some things. Ah well.

Anyways, the movie's been discussed on and off in the zeo chatroom, and it reminded me I still have to post an embarrassing picture of Jason with a squid  tied to his head.

elroy: so gloom
elroy: watchmen, right
elroy: wtf, right?
jason: wtf good, or wtf bad?
elroy: wtf ending
elroy: also don't spoil it for bolt.
me: bolt, the blue guy walks around naked
elroy: or manny
me: manny, the blue guy walks around naked
jason: I didn't mind the ending.
elroy: what about...wtf random unnecessary changes
jason: they changed the ending cause they couldn't fit thirty minutes of pointless back-story to set up the ending into the movie
jason: so I didn't mind.
elroy: i mean like...
me: tell em about the squid, jason
jason: I knew there was no squid
jason: So I decided there had to be some sort of squid at my midnight showing.
elroy: oh gosh
jason: So I bought a big plush squid and wore it on my head.
elroy: pretty good
elroy: should have just started throwing raw squid at the screen
manny: haha
jason: I...in retrospect, I'm given to understand it's erect state atop my pate may have looked like a large red...yeah. 
kyatt: hahaha
jason: :(
me: i'll post pictures on my blog
jason: "Blog Entry: Jason with ****-on-head"
manny: haha
jason: Jason: "nooooooooooo! ;_;"
me: and that's exactl-E! what it looked like
jason: hahahahaha
elroy: haha
me: i should do that blog now

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Animal Crossing - City Folk...A Brand New Kind of Roommate

Now, I got a copy of this game for christmas from my adorable and thoughtful and all around marvelous daughter, Ivy. I've been playing for a while and I really love this game - I can't wait for Ivy to get a TV that works so I can get her a copy, and we can play over the wireless connection.

Anways, Jason decided to move into my town, because the game supports up to 4 players...opening up a whole new vista of roommate shenanigans. We've had a year and a half to work out the differences that arise with actual living arrangements, and now we get to quibble over Animal Crossing.

Jason, ravaging the flowers I planted near my town gate: "Hey, free flowers!" [yoink]

Me, watching: "HEY I planted those on purpose!!"

Jason:  "Oh." [puts them back] "For some reason that escaped me."


[Jason pokes around the inside of my house in the game]

Me: "Stop looking up my dress while I'm sleeping!!"


[Villager asks Jason for a new greeting]

Jason: "N-o-o-k [] s-u-c-k-s-!"


Jason, fishing: "Come on, tuna! Be a tuna!"

Me (Arnold Schwarzenegger voice) "It's not a toona"

This is going to be interesting.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Great Horseytail Caper ~ part 2 ~

Well, I've got about a hundred of these, so I'd better get to work! Jason gets home tomorrow, and it's about midnight so I'm just going to tape them to the wall above the head of his bed. I'm not sure how many there are exactly (I forgot the total) so I'm just going to start taping and when I run out of cards, stop.

Oddly enough, there were exactly enough! I didn't plan the layout, but it turned out exactly right. 

Nice work!

The Great Horseytail Caper ~ part 1 ~

Feb 23
Jason hates Horseytail. There's just something about the monster that irritates him. Anyways, he made the mistake of announcing this some time ago, and the fact has been lurking in the back of my mind ever since.

I've been collecting Wall of Ivy cards, so whenever I was at an event and people gave me Wall of Ivys, I asked if they had any Horseytail. I've collected a nice little pile by now, I'll tell you what. 

Anyways he's been out of the house for a while, but he's back again in two days so it's time to put those Horseytails to good use. 

Zeo Chat 2/23/09
purity: there's this ygo card he HATES
purity: http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Horseytail
purity: he just hates it
purity: sooooooooooooo i've been collecting them and im going to horseytail his room
mars: hahaha
bolt: hahah
purity: im not sure if i want to do it the normal way
manny: oh no
manny: poor guy
purity: or just make a headboard for his bed

The normal, or "slow-torture" method is to put some Horseytail in plain sight, while hiding the others so they make their appearance over the course of several months, unless the victim carefully searches every square inch of each belonging to rout them out in one go. This is the approach Jason himself took when he Nekogal #1'd Dan's cube a year or so ago.

However, this would involve going through all of Jason's stuff, and that's really an invasion of his privacy so I'm just going to go for the in-your-face impact of some kind of wall display involving all these cards.

I'll go through the piles I've got here and get a total, and figure out what to do. 

Sunday, February 22, 2009

hello....hello? is this on? hmmm

just what i need! another way to waste time online :)