Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Great Horseytail Caper ~ part 2 ~

Well, I've got about a hundred of these, so I'd better get to work! Jason gets home tomorrow, and it's about midnight so I'm just going to tape them to the wall above the head of his bed. I'm not sure how many there are exactly (I forgot the total) so I'm just going to start taping and when I run out of cards, stop.

Oddly enough, there were exactly enough! I didn't plan the layout, but it turned out exactly right. 

Nice work!

The Great Horseytail Caper ~ part 1 ~

Feb 23
Jason hates Horseytail. There's just something about the monster that irritates him. Anyways, he made the mistake of announcing this some time ago, and the fact has been lurking in the back of my mind ever since.

I've been collecting Wall of Ivy cards, so whenever I was at an event and people gave me Wall of Ivys, I asked if they had any Horseytail. I've collected a nice little pile by now, I'll tell you what. 

Anyways he's been out of the house for a while, but he's back again in two days so it's time to put those Horseytails to good use. 

Zeo Chat 2/23/09
purity: there's this ygo card he HATES
purity: he just hates it
purity: sooooooooooooo i've been collecting them and im going to horseytail his room
mars: hahaha
bolt: hahah
purity: im not sure if i want to do it the normal way
manny: oh no
manny: poor guy
purity: or just make a headboard for his bed

The normal, or "slow-torture" method is to put some Horseytail in plain sight, while hiding the others so they make their appearance over the course of several months, unless the victim carefully searches every square inch of each belonging to rout them out in one go. This is the approach Jason himself took when he Nekogal #1'd Dan's cube a year or so ago.

However, this would involve going through all of Jason's stuff, and that's really an invasion of his privacy so I'm just going to go for the in-your-face impact of some kind of wall display involving all these cards.

I'll go through the piles I've got here and get a total, and figure out what to do. 

Sunday, February 22, 2009

hello....hello? is this on? hmmm

just what i need! another way to waste time online :)