Monday, March 9, 2009

Watchmen And Its Impact On The Home

Well, most members of the household were looking forward to this movie. Preparations began weeks in advance. 

jason: hmm, qq. IMAX Watchmen at the only nearby venue is sold out for the 12:01 showing. there's a 3:09 AM showing, but dammit, that's way too late.
me: do we have to see it opening day? why can't we go the next day
jason: yeah, we could
jason: Tickets are available then
jason: Granted, I couldn't wear the 30 inch plush squid on my head.
jason: Let me see what Kevin thinks.
me: i mean we didn't see dark knight - what?
jason: in protest of the removal of the giant squid from the movie,  I plan to wear one on my head (the book involved a giant squid causing harm to new york city)
jason: if anyone asks, I'm cosplaying as new york city.
me: you haven't got a squid
jason: I "haven't got a squid"? That's a daring assumption you're making there, sir. *mock offense*
me: i am not a sir
me: and i don't believe you have a squid.

I was incorrect. He did have a squid, and he tied it to his head and emerged from his room. 

Anyways, Jason and Frank decided to go to the midnight non-IMAX showing of the movie (squid tied firmly in place) and I chose to go the next night to see it in IMAX. When I got up the next morning, Jason had emailed me to tell me "I don't think the movie is appropriate for you" with a few explanations of the graphic nature of the violence and general tone of the movie. Frank seconded the opinion, and honestly that was good enough for me. I will see R rated movies, but I am a bit sensitive to some things. Ah well.

Anyways, the movie's been discussed on and off in the zeo chatroom, and it reminded me I still have to post an embarrassing picture of Jason with a squid  tied to his head.

elroy: so gloom
elroy: watchmen, right
elroy: wtf, right?
jason: wtf good, or wtf bad?
elroy: wtf ending
elroy: also don't spoil it for bolt.
me: bolt, the blue guy walks around naked
elroy: or manny
me: manny, the blue guy walks around naked
jason: I didn't mind the ending.
elroy: what random unnecessary changes
jason: they changed the ending cause they couldn't fit thirty minutes of pointless back-story to set up the ending into the movie
jason: so I didn't mind.
elroy: i mean like...
me: tell em about the squid, jason
jason: I knew there was no squid
jason: So I decided there had to be some sort of squid at my midnight showing.
elroy: oh gosh
jason: So I bought a big plush squid and wore it on my head.
elroy: pretty good
elroy: should have just started throwing raw squid at the screen
manny: haha
jason: retrospect, I'm given to understand it's erect state atop my pate may have looked like a large red...yeah. 
kyatt: hahaha
jason: :(
me: i'll post pictures on my blog
jason: "Blog Entry: Jason with ****-on-head"
manny: haha
jason: Jason: "nooooooooooo! ;_;"
me: and that's exactl-E! what it looked like
jason: hahahahaha
elroy: haha
me: i should do that blog now

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