Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mysteries of Pokemon Daycare

purity: i solved a pokemon mystery
purity: but i'll never have time to tell the world
purity: i know how they get the pokemon in the day care to level up

Kyatt: uh oh
purity: that sweet old couple runs a sweatshop --the pokemon are making running shoes
Kyatt: hmm
Kyatt: that's probably why they level up the more you walk
purity: yeah, its why you have to walk the eggs
Kyatt: oh, you're gonna need some good hatching shoes too

some days later….

Kyatt: oh, i started sketching that thing you were talking about
Kyatt: http://img20.imageshack.us/img20/3368/picture1idn.png
Kyatt: i realized gold has some ridiculous shoes
Mars: thats who makes the characters ugly accessories huh
Kyatt: they give you eggs and tell you to wander around for them to hatch
Kyatt: which, i can assume, wears out shoes like whoa
Kyatt: so now they have shoes to sell made by pokemon they're getting paid to employ
Kyatt: it's the perfect racket
purity: thats how the pokemon's levels raise in daycare, mars
purity: they're being forced to make running shoes in the underground sweatshop
purity: its why you NEVER SEE YOURS in that happy fenced in play yard

manny: !!!
Mars: thats why half the moves they learn always seem to be sewing related
purity: hmmm


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