Saturday, March 14, 2009

Why You Want To Live Here

The food is really good.

We went to an asian market the other day, and I bought a wagyu steak, which is American "kobe-style" beef. It was surprisingly inexpensive* at $15 a pound.

Now, I could have eaten this tasty steak all by myself, but I am nice so I decided to prepare it to be shared by everyone in the house (myself, Jason, Franklin, and my mom who is here helping me pack.) 

So, I crushed some garlic and mixed that with a bit of olive oil and a little soy sauce, then sliced the steak into pieces and coated each slice with the marinade. Then I turned up the heat very high under a saute pan, and quick-seared each little piece.

I carried the plate around with forks for everyone to try it and they all agreed it was a damn good steak. I will definitely buy this kind of beef again sometime. 

Do you get random kobe-style beef steak snacks in your house? 

I didn't think so.

*for wagyu beef


  1. It really was quite awesome. Especially as a random occurrence! ^_^ Thanks again!

  2. As what's his name would say, "Steak from the Sky!!"

  3. You know, I really think Adrian's "from the sky" line might be ready to see some more play. I think I'm takin' it back.