Sunday, March 1, 2009

Animal Crossing - City Folk...A Brand New Kind of Roommate

Now, I got a copy of this game for christmas from my adorable and thoughtful and all around marvelous daughter, Ivy. I've been playing for a while and I really love this game - I can't wait for Ivy to get a TV that works so I can get her a copy, and we can play over the wireless connection.

Anways, Jason decided to move into my town, because the game supports up to 4 players...opening up a whole new vista of roommate shenanigans. We've had a year and a half to work out the differences that arise with actual living arrangements, and now we get to quibble over Animal Crossing.

Jason, ravaging the flowers I planted near my town gate: "Hey, free flowers!" [yoink]

Me, watching: "HEY I planted those on purpose!!"

Jason:  "Oh." [puts them back] "For some reason that escaped me."


[Jason pokes around the inside of my house in the game]

Me: "Stop looking up my dress while I'm sleeping!!"


[Villager asks Jason for a new greeting]

Jason: "N-o-o-k [] s-u-c-k-s-!"


Jason, fishing: "Come on, tuna! Be a tuna!"

Me (Arnold Schwarzenegger voice) "It's not a toona"

This is going to be interesting.


  1. Nook does suck.
    O how I wish for a functional TV ):
    Unrelated: I do so love being called marvelous.

  2. Marvelous and adorable. Don't forget the adorable.